5 Kid-Friendly Cat Breeds – Affordable Pet Insurance Plans

5 Kid-Friendly Cat Breeds - Affordable Pet Insurance Plans

Children love animals and the best type of cat to join the family is one that’s gentle and playful. It’s a wonderful feeling as a parent to watch your child and your pet become best friends. Cats are low-maintenance animals which is a huge plus to those who are already juggling a large family. Having a cat in the household helps teach your kids about responsibility and patience. Raising an animal is never easy, no matter how low maintenance it may be. 

When deciding which cat breed is right for your kids and family, it’s important to consider the ages of your children. Do your children understand how to be gentle and patient with animals or are they still a little too young? Read on to browse the list of the best kid-friendly cats.

American Shorthair

American Shorthair cats are known for being laidback, easygoing, and gentle. Not only are American Shorthair a popular breed amongst families, but also ranks extremely high on the “most popular cat breeds” list every year. This breed is very low maintenance and tends to get along with both humans and other animals. They love to cuddle and soak up all the affection that they can get which makes them perfectly suited for families.


Birman cats are known for being social, gentle, and curious to learn new tricks. They don’t shy away from social situations. For example, they will greet visitors at the door and even follow family members around the house. Your children will have a fun time playing with a Birman cat because they never quit. 


Ragdoll cats tend to be on the larger side and have bright blue eyes. They’re known for being gentle, and patient, and seeking attention everywhere they can get it. When you pick them up for cuddles, they go fully limp – this is how they got their name. Ragdolls like to play with their toys just as much as they like to spend time relaxing with their owner. 

European Burmese

European Burmese cats are known for being curious, friendly, and playful. They tend to follow other family members into rooms because they always want to be in the action. They are extremely loyal to their owners and bond with every person in your household, plus they don’t mind being picked up. 

Maine Coon

Although they may be on the larger side, Maine Coon cats are extremely gentle and playful. They’re known for being patient and calm which also makes them a great breed for therapy cats. Even into their senior years, they always tend to be kittens at heart. 

Remember, it’s important to make your cat feel safe and secure when introducing them to a new home. These tips to help you prepare for that exciting time!

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